Styling and Storytelling: What is a Wedding Stylist?

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

When you’re newly engaged, the world of wedding planning can feel a little inscrutable. There are so many choices to make, so many people wanting to help and a sometimes less-than-clear map to follow that takes you from helplessly wondering to blissfully wedded. So in this post I want to try and demystify some of my job for you.

I consider myself a design-led wedding planner and stylist. In a nutshell that means I help you by handling the administrative aspects of your wedding planning as well as the visuals. The planning and the styling go hand in hand, but it’s the styling element of my role that I want to highlight today – what is a wedding stylist, anyway?

More Than The Details Styling to me is so much more than a prettily arranged collection of details. Through sensitive curation and styling, your event will be an all round deeper experience, providing layers of meaning for you and your guests. An intuitively styled wedding will feel like the two of you, reflecting your personalities in its atmosphere, without tipping over into something gimmicky or kitsch.

Every wedding I plan starts with a look book. A peculiar type of alchemy happens when just the right collection of images comes together – I start to be able to see the story of your wedding day. Let’s take a peek at a look book from one of my favourite weddings of last year so I can show you how this alchemy starts with a For The Love of Weddings event.

Claire and Paul at Rockley Manor These two lovebirds were a total dream to work with. They’re a gorgeous pair, exuding style from every pore, while at the same time adorably smitten with each other, and riotously good fun, too. Their wedding styling had to reflect this balance. I knew I needed to create an atmosphere of modern elegance and unabashed romance, with a cheeky twinkle thrown in for good measure.

Claire and Paul had selected luxury Wiltshire country house Rockley Manor as their venue. I started off considering the colour palettes that would form the backdrop to each and every detail. We were looking for something traditional and classy, and the softest of dove greys paired with blush pink made for a seriously elegant combination. For some glimmer, glow and grandeur, I experimented with metallic accents, and found that the warm tones of gilt and old gold fitted the bill perfectly.

There are no wheels needing reinvention here – this is about finding the right way to express the polish and personality of Claire and Paul’s love story.

Gorgeous Greenery and Candles upon Candles

Claire was very keen on the idea of hanging foliage as a central design element, which needless to say was music to my ears. This section of the look book is one of my favourites. Through the images collated here I started to see the path between structure and wildness that we’d need, something that would play off against the abundance of candles and twinkling fairylights that would fill the space.

When it came to the table design, I started with the linen. I try to think texturally whenever possible – you want your wedding to be an immersive experience with details curated for all the senses, not just the eyes. I chose bold woven linen as the starting point and then built upwards in layers from there: the calligraphy, the drapery and softness of the fabric runners – old Hollywood glamour mixed with sharply tapered contemporary candles.