In Praise Of Videography

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Photo captured by Matt Willis Photography

Planning a couple’s wedding means building a special and intimate relationship with them. As a planner, you need to be able to learn quickly what makes them tick, know their love story back to front, and instinctively understand what will appeal to them and make them ‘jump up and down on the spot’ level excited.

Sourcing suppliers for the big day is a crucial part of the whole wedding planning adventure. Pulling together the perfect team to build a cohesive and complete vision for each couple’s wedding takes sensitivity and a light touch, but it’s a part of the job that I absolutely adore.

I source suppliers according to each of my couple’s specifications, and the vision they have for their wedding day. I’m a creative assistant and experienced facilitator – not a wedding tyrant who takes over – and it’s never my place to tell you what you should and shouldn’t have for your wedding. That said, it always breaks my heart a little when a couple opts not to book a videographer, seeing it as a non-essential or a luxury that can be squeezed out if the budget gets a little tight.

Photo captured by Aga Tomaszek

What Makes a Wedding Video So Special

I have a deep love of wedding videography, for myriad reasons. Wedding photographers are masters of their craft, creating beautiful images of captured moments that are often truly works of art. However, a wedding video can add depth and vibrancy to those moments and memories, allowing you to re-live your day in a whole new way.

Here are my top four reasons why you should seriously consider moving a videographer into your ‘non-negotiables’ list.

1. The impact of movement on emotion

Watching the way your dress swishes along the ground; the explosion of laughter as the confetti drifts down into your hair and mouth; or the first time you lock eyes with each other during the ceremony will give you a serious case of the goosebumps, I guarantee it. An artfully shot video of the day adds scope and nuance to your appreciation of it. It allows you to ‘zoom out’ and take in your wedding as a beautiful, heartfelt whole, which is hard to do when you’re at the confetti-strewn centre of it in your role as bride and groom. Take a look at this absolutely beautiful video from Claire and Paul’s wedding at Rockley Manor earlier this year, shot by HD Moments and you’ll see what I mean. I defy you not to get shivers up your spine as Claire walks down the aisle in slow motion and Paul sees his bride for the first time!

2. It gives you eyes everywhere

Much as you might want to, you’ll be physically unable to take in every element on the day itself. You might not even be able to have more than a brief hello with some of your guests, given that weddings exist in their own peculiar time zone, and the hours speed by exceptionally quickly. Your photographs will only tell you part of the story. With a video, you’ll see the conversations that went on across the room from you. You’ll spot the new friendships starting to blossom and the laughter going on while you’re off getting photographed. Watch your ceremony again and have eyes on which of your guests shed a tear as you said your vows; find out who it was with the awesome cackling laugh during your speeches; and which of your friends threw the most impressive shapes on the dancefloor.

I love so much about Ceri and Andy’s wedding video shot by the team at Jolly Good Wedding Videos, but the dancefloor scenes are particularly epic. Each time I watch this it makes me want to get up and dance, and give this gorgeous couple a hug and a high five!

3. Your own personal soundtrack

Selecting the music for a wedding video is an artform in itself. The way the shots are edited and run together so they crest and fall along with the beat and the changes in key adds an extra emotional resonance to your memories of the day when you watch it back. I love the anticipation that builds in the quick-fire shots of Emma and Nathan’s gorgeous day at Garthmyl Hall, filmed to perfection by Les Vaques. The way the film shows the set up of the day before the guests arrive in these first shots serves to heighten that sense of excitement, and I love how the images move with the slightly edgy beat of the chosen song. It’s perfect for Emma and Nathan and is a very true reflection of their fabulous wedding day.

4. The body language of generations

A good wedding video serves as something of a time capsule. It’s a way of capturing precious memories of the older generations of your family, with whom you might not have the luxury of many more years. I love seeing the little incidental moments shared between family members captured on film – they’re just as special and important as the ‘big hitter’ parts of your day. A wedding video can make a snatch of conversation over canapés feel as meaningful as the shower of confetti or the cutting of the cake.

Katy and Henry’s wedding at Garthmyl Hall last year was jam packed with meaningful moments and special touches for guests of all ages. The highlights video from the wonderful Shutterbox Films gives a real sense of the atmosphere of the day. Check out the baby on the swing and with the bubbles, a perfect example of a gloriously important incidental moment captured so beautifully.

If you're on the fence about a videographer, then I do hope that this post (and the stunning film examples) might have helped you with your decision. If finding the perfect suppliers to match your wedding day vision is proving a little on the overwhelming side, then why not get in touch? I'd love to hear about your wedding and see whether I might be able to help you bring it to life in exactly the way you've been dreaming about.

With love,

Krysta x

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