I choose to work with a select number of couples each year for my full wedding planning services, for two reasons. First (and foremost) it’s so I can let myself fall happily and headfirst down each wedding’s rabbit hole, and be truly emotionally connected to each one. To create a wedding that’s multi-layered and intensely reflective of the two of you, we’re going to be getting to know each other pretty well – and that’s’ my favourite part of the job!

Second, I want to design a wedding that functions as a little private world for you and your family and friends. A world in which you can celebrate and rejoice and dance with gay abandon, and can feel safe and filled with wonder in equal measure. This requires time and detail, a lot of detail!

I like to make sure that
there’s always an abundance of tiny intricacies, thoughtful surprises and ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ details woven through every element of your wedding, glimmering
like gold threads in a gorgeous tapestry.

I give you a mixture of support and imagination right from the start, allowing you to really enjoy the wedding planning process and fall as deeply in love with your
wedding as you are with each other.

My favourite part of the planning experience...


There’s a moment in the early stages when I’m putting together my lookbooks, when things suddenly click into place and I’ll get a real sense of how the event will feel as well as how it will look. There’s always a big rush of excitement and sometimes some very silly dancing around my office at that point.  And then of course there’s the day itself. I really do get butterflies for each and every couple as they prepare to say their marriage vows, and it’s wonderful to see the months of hard work coming together in a memorable and beautiful way.

Values I hold dear as a wedding planner...


So there are the obvious things that are totally necessary in order to do this job, like an eye for design and a level of attention to detail that’s bordering on the obsessive, but I think for me the most important thing is a total lack of cynicism when it comes to love. I work with a select number of couples each year, and am truly emotionally invested in each of their weddings, and in learning their love stories.


Team building is also something I place a huge amount of value in. I have spent years building up a network of enormously talented wedding suppliers across the country, and I work hard to foster a real sense of community between the people working on each wedding I plan. Whether florist or photographer, stationer, caterer or musician, we’re all part of the same team, and we’re all playing an important part in constructing a private little world in which our couples can celebrate. A genuine feeling of camaraderie between the suppliers I work with is really important to me, and putting the work in here creates a warm and positive atmosphere on each of my weddings.

Thank you for everything you did, you were incredible from the start to finish and took such a huge load off us.You really are amazing and so generous.

Clarissa & Sowande

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